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Data Protection Network Helping your teams with no-nonsense privacy advice

Members Guide

The Data Protection Network is dedicated to providing expert opinion, thought leadership, quality resources and learning materials, to both experts and non-experts in the field of Data Protection and Privacy.

All of our resources are written, developed, and edited by experts in the Data Protection and Privacy field with specialisms in disciplines from security to social media, ensuring you only ever have the best content available to you, as and when you need it.

Individual membership features

  • Build your knowledge. All you can eat access resources to help you gain a superior knowledge of Data Protection and develop your skills.
  • Network. Individuals can benefit from great discounts on a range of events, designed to help you grow your network and contacts.
  • Stay up to date. DPN delivers relevant Data Protection news to your inbox, you don’t have to go looking for it. Keep on top of the latest stories and regulatory developments
  • Get trained. DPN will provide you with discounts for workshops and seminars, all designed to help you maximise your knowledge of Data Protection and apply it in practical ways to your business.
  • Join the debate. Subscribers can comment and discuss the opinions that our expert panel write. Helping you understand all the views.
  • See exclusive content. Access and view content that is exclusive to subscribers.

Website sign-up benefits 

It’s FREE. It costs nothing to register on the website and you get access to a whole bunch of great content.

See exclusive content. Get your hands on articles, materials and opinions that are only available to subscribers

  • Join the debate and discuss the latest opinions with the DPN community
  • Get the latest Data Protection news straight to your inbox

Get offers and discounts. Sign-up to the website and get exclusive offers on downloadable resources and events, training and more

Corporate Membership

  • Access to resources. Your team can have unlimited access practical tools and materials to learn and develop privacy knowledge. Get access to new materials and updates first
  • Stay Informed. Stay up to date with the latest trends in Data Protection. Our panel of experts provide regular opinions on the topics important to you
  • Networking. Meet the community! DPN gives subscribers discounts to some great networking events where you can get out and meet other DPN members
  • Join the debate. Contribute to the conversation on opinions and the latest news to help shape the industry view
  • Training and certification. Improve your teams’ knowledge and skills. Get great discounts on training sessions and qualifications run by DPN and our partners
  • DP-updates. Get the latest Data Protection news as it happens. View exclusive content. Get content and resources that nobody else can get. Exclusive content is reserved for subscribers.

For more information about DPN corporate membership Click HERE for our member pack or email Matt Edgar – matt@dpnetwork.org.uk