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Data Protection Network Helping your teams with no-nonsense privacy advice

About Us

We take a no-nonsense approach to data protection and privacy. The heart of our work is providing realistic support and advice. We’re a down to earth team and love making data protection relevant, interesting and do-able.

GDPR advice, understanding marketing and cookie rules, UK Data Protection Act and more – we try to cover all your data protection needs.

Articles and guides

We regularly publish analysis, insight and how-to-guides on data protection and eprivacy related topics. All of our content is written, developed and edited by our team of data protection specialists, our advisory board and other expert contributors.

Webinars and events

Tune in for our webinars or join other events as we bring expert guests together to give you practical tips and take your questions on the privacy issues of the day.

Consultancy and training

We take the time to understand your business and focus on the approach that works best for you. Using our commercial experience working with large and small organisations across multiple sectors, we share our insights to help solve your challenges and build on your teams’ skills.

We’ve developed an extensive toolkit of user-friendly guides, policies and templates which we can adapt to suit your business. We don’t believe in ‘one size fits all’. And if you think you may need a technology solution, we can help to choose the right option.

As a team we constantly collaborate, discussing topical issues as they arise and taking the time to understand the bigger picture.

Contact us

Get in touch for an informal chat by emailing us: info@dpnetwork.org.uk – Julia, Phil or Simon will arrange a convenient time for a call. Our team is based in London, Peterborough and Manchester.