Supplier Directory

Welcome to DPN’s Supplier Directory. Here you will find a range of data, privacy and information security service providers. You can filter these if you wish by selecting the category you want on the right. You can find out more by visiting the provider’s website using the links provided.

Tapestry is a marketing agency that combines deep customer insight from data with extensive industry experience to better understand multi-channel retail customers. This insight and experience is used to recommend marketing strategies to recruit and retain more profitable customers for growth.

The Marketing Centre gives business owners access to a wealth of proven strategic marketing talent who excel at helping businesses grow. We operate on a flexible, part-time and therefore more affordable basis; because we believe that every business deserves its own Marketing Director.

Proteus® NextGen Data Privacy™ provides everything you need to manage your data privacy compliance programme in order to avoid a data breach. It really is the Gold Standard of data privacy. Rated above our main competitors, Proteus NextGen supports GDPR, CCPA, LGPD, PDPA, RGPD.

A privacy management platform your whole business will love. Trusted blend of technology, experience and expertise designed to streamline your privacy program and demonstrate compliance. Best in class data protection consultants offering a pragmatic and solution focused approach.

The GMA is an insight, analysis and opinion plaform. Our community is the brightest and smartest way for marketers to add some zing to their offerings. Connect with 10,000+ like-minded progressive marketers. Registration is free and provides top-level guidance, research and thought-leadership.

We created Full Frame Technology to exploit the knowledge and experience built up from working at the sharp end of technology. Our vision is to take these learnings and apply them in order to improve the way technology is used and data is protected.