Data Retention Guidance

Data retention tools, tips and templates

How long to keep personal data raises lots of questions. Where to start? How to judge necessity? How to get rid of data when the retention period ends?

It makes commercial sense to get to grips with retention. Keeping and using data has a cost.  ‘Storage limitation’ is one of the core data protection principles, keeping personal data longer than you should has its risks.


Whether you are starting out or reviewing what you currently have, we hope this guide  will support your work.

Developed and written by data protection specialists from a broad range of organisations and sectors, it provides a practical toolkit to approach this tricky topic.

Our Data Retention Working Group was chaired by Robert Bond, from Bristows LLP, “The DPN has worked hard to publish a practical guide to a complex and evolving topic. It provides a set of tools to help with transparency and accountability in data retention.”

Simon Blanchard from DPN Associates, “Our aim was to provide a clear roadmap to help you navigate difficult decisions about how long to keep personal data. In the guidance you’ll also find useful case studies and example templates to assist you.”