International Data Transfer Resources

How to tackle international data transfers

The rules on international data transfers under UK/EU data protection law can be complex to navigate. At the core is a requirement for specific safeguard measures to be in place for what are termed ‘restricted transfers’ and for companies to assess the risk posed to individuals by transferring their data overseas.

Data Transfers Q&A

Multiple different scenarios for international data transfers throw up all kinds of questions. We’ve selected some questions raised by our audience which we believe will be common to many organisations: International Data Transfers Q&A with Debbie Venn, Partner at DMH Stallard LLP.

Other useful resources


ICO Guidance – International Data Transfer Agreement

ICO Guidance and Tool – UK Transfer Risk Assessments


European Data Protection Board Guidance on International Data Transfers

European Data Protection Board – information sheet re US adequacy decision

European Data Protection Board supplementary measures recommendations