DPN Legitimate Interests Guidance – GDPR (Version 2.0)

Comprehensive guide to Legitimate Interests under UK / EU GDPR

Originally published in July 2017, this updated version includes case studies and an example of a Legitimate Interests Assessment (LIA) and an enhanced LIA template. The guidance covers:

The Guidance covers:

  • Understanding what Legitimate Interests are
  • Identifying areas of processing where Legitimate Interests may apply
  • The Legitimate Interests Assessment (LIA) – the 3 stage test
  • Transparency and the consumer

The Guidance, is a practical tool aimed at helping commercial and not-for-profit organisations to assess whether or not they can rely on Legitimate Interests as a lawful basis for processing personal data under UK / EU GDPRs.

Legitimate Interests Guidance from the Data Protection Network

We had the pleasure of working with a wide group of data protection professionals on this guidance.  It was made possible by contributions from Bristows LLP, the Direct Marketing Association, ISBA, the IAB, the Institute of Fundrasing, the IPA, Balfour Beatty, Driftrock, Epsilon, Harte Hanks, Member 360  and other representatives of some of the largest companies and institutions in the UK.