How to manage suppliers and service providers

Just about every business uses service and technology providers. Sharing personal data, or making it accessible to external parties brings with it an element of risk and there’s been a recent spate of data breaches involving third party suppliers. Listen back as we discuss how to make sure you select reputable companies, meet data protection obligations and effectively manage these relationships.

Robert Bond, Senior Counsel at Privacy Partnership is joined by Dominic Batchelor, Head of IP & Privacy at Royal Mail Group, Egil Bergenlind, Co-founder of DPOrganizer & Simon Blanchard, Partner at DPN Associates

How to assess and manage data protection risks

Data protection law gives us core principles and much of it comes down to taking a proportionate, reasonable approach. No organisation will be 100% compliant, there’ll always be data protection risks and each organisation’s risk appetite will differ. To identify these risks we need know what to look for. We then need a clear process to assess them, decide what to do about them and keep them under review.

Listen back as our great line-up of privacy professionals share their experience and tips on how to identify, assess and manage data protection risks.

Host Robert Bond, Senior Counsel at Privacy Partnership, is joined by Fedelma Good, Data protection & ePrivacy specialist, former co-lead PwC UK’s Data Protection Legal team, Simon Blanchard, Partner at DPN Associates and Joseph Byrne, Principle Solutions Engineer, OneTrust

Know your data – discovery and record keeping

Get to grips with your data & prioritise your data protection risks

A key challenge businesses face is knowing what personal data they hold and what it’s used for. Without a good grasp on this, it becomes near impossible to understand & prioritise your data protection risks, or to maintain an accurate Record of Processing Activities (RoPA).

Listen back as our great line-up of privacy professionals share their experience and tips on how to approach data discovery and record keeping.

Host Robert Bond; Senior Counsel at Privacy Partnership, is joined by Tim Mitchener-Nissen; Group Privacy Officer at Flight Centre Travel Group, Nick Rich; Exterro’s Head of Engagement UK & Ireland and DPN Partner Simon Blanchard.

Tackling data breaches in 6 simple steps

Breach prevention and preparation

Our speakers share their experiences and tips. How can we protect our business from data breaches? And how can we make sure we’re properly prepared to react swiftly and effectively should a breach happen?

Robert Bond Senior Counsel at Privacy Partnerships and Chair of the DPN Advisory Group is joined by:

  • Simon Blanchard, Partner, DPN Associates
  • David Jones, Information Security Consultant, Full Frame Technology & ex CISO at BBC
  • Elizabeth Smith, Data Protection Consultant, DPOrganizer


Overcoming DSAR and FOI challenges

Building an efficient cost-effective approach

In this webinar we share common challenges and risks, along with tips and insight for how to get on the front foot with Data Subject Access and Freedom of Information requests.

Our speakers are Robert Bond, Senior Counsel at Privacy Partnerships and Chair of the DPN Advisory Group, Philippa Donn, Partner, DPN Associates, Mark Mulcahy, Director of Client Relations, Waterford Technologies and Redouane Serroukh, Head of Information Governance & Risk, NHS Integrated Care Board of Hertfordshire & West Essex


Tackling over-retention of personal data and minimisation

How do we put robust measures in place to clear out personal data we can no longer justify hanging onto?Our panel share their tips and techniques for getting to grips with data retention and minimisation.

Robert Bond, Chair of the DPN Advisory Group and lawyer at the Privacy Partnership, is joined by:

  • Claire Robson – Data Protection Officer, Great Ormond Street Children’s Hospital Charity (GOSH Charity)
  • Nick Rich – Head of Engagement UK & Ireland, Exterro
  • Simon Blanchard, CIPP/E – Partner, DPN Associates


Getting to grips with marketing and data protection

December 2022

Marketing channels and techniques advance fast with an ever-evolving set of targeting solutions. How do we make sure our data marketing activity isn’t needlessly putting the business at risk?

Listen back as we delve into the crucial interplay between data protection and ePrivacy legislation. How we balance what the legislation tells us with email marketing, social media targeting and the world of ad tech.

Robert Bond, Privacy lawyer & Industry Commissioner at the Data & Marketing Commission is joined by: Chris Combemale, CEO of the Data & Marketing Association (DMA), and data protection consultants Simon Blanchard & Julia Porter. Julia and Simon are partners at DPN Associates and both have commercial backgrounds in marketing, Julia’s a former DMA Chair.

Privacy Question Time 2022

Listen back as an array of data protection questions are answered live

Among other matters our panel tackle challenging DSARs, privacy and cookie notices, services vs marketing messages, Records of Processing Activities, bought-in lists and answer the question: ‘What’s the most difficult data protection task you’ve had to grapple with, and what lessons did you learn?’

Listen back as Robert Bond, Privacy lawyer & Chair of the DPN Advisory Group, Fedelma Good, Director at PwC, Steve Priestley, Head of UK Data Protection at Travelex and DPN partner Julia Porter chat through audience questions.